Dan Carlin Presents an Immersive Memory


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Dan Carlin

Dan Carlin’s two long-running podcasts are among the most popular in the world. Part storyteller, part analyst, Carlin has mastered the art of looking at subjects from multiple angles and dissecting and thinking about them in original ways. His passion is contagious, his ideas are captivating, and his approach to the past is unlike anything taught in a classroom.

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Brandon Oldenburg

Brandon Oldenburg is an award-winning film director, designer and immersive storyteller. Stories that he has directed have won an Academy Award, multiple Emmy Awards, multiple Gold Lions at Cannes including the Grand Prix and a host of other industry accolades. As Chief Creative Officer at Flight School, Brandon leads the team of creative directors and artists to produce innovative stories with new technologies. Prior to Flight School, Brandon co-founded Reel FX and Moonbot Studios, both leaders in animation and emerging technology.

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Ethan Stearns

Prior to joining MWM in 2017, Stearns served as the VP of Virtual Reality at Legendary Entertainment where he spearheaded many high-profile interactive cinematic experiences for both virtual and mixed reality. In 2016, Ethan began work with acclaimed director Alejandro G. Inaìrritu and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki to produce the first ever Academy Award-winning VR project, “Carne y Arena”. Stearns’s innovative work continues to push the boundaries of content development, exposing existing and new audiences to the world of immersive entertainment.

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Clint Kisker

President of MWM

Clint Kisker is the President of MWM (Madison Wells Media), a diversified media and entertainment platform named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Hollywood, which he co-founded with Emmy award winning producer Gigi Pritzker. Kisker has been a leader in media and entertainment finance for more than 10 years and was recognized by Daily Variety as a “New Leader of Hollywood” in 2011 and a “Global Impact Financier” in 2013.

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Kyle Clark

CEO of Flight School

Kyle Clark is CEO of Flight School, a studio whose mission is to tell innovative stories in emerging technology. During his 24-year career in animation and digital media, Kyle has been involved in creating and producing films, commercials, video games and virtual reality experiences for clients and partners such as Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, American Express, Disney, GMC, AT&T, and the NBA.

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Brandon Padveen

Producer – War Remains

Brandon began his career working at Legendary Pictures under MWM co-founder Clint Kisker. His credits include the SOKRISPY DAYDREAMS virtual reality film series, which he developed and produced for Google Daydream. A hardcore fan of Dan Carlin, he serves as a touch point between MWM Immersive and the extraordinary artists that it partners with.

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Jen Cadic

Head of Production at Flight School Studio / Producer – War Remains

As Head of Production for Flight School Studio, Jen produces and provides oversight on the studio’s rapidly growing original and branded content. Jen transitioned to the team from Reel FX, where she worked on landmark VR experiences for film studios like Lionsgate and Paramount. Leveraging a decade of experience in production using innovative technology and creative techniques, her insight is vital to her team’s success in pushing the boundaries of interactive storytelling. Prior to her current role, she worked for Psyop, Charlex and Nice Shoes, working on projects for Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Kanye West.


MWM Immersive 

Gigi Pritzker

Arthur Chan

Erville Vito

Mariah Gregory

Clint Kisker

Jo Ann Eilers

Ying Lau

Steve Tsoneff

Kelly Eltschlager

Megan Westerby

Erin An

Patrick Phillips

Flight School

Alessandro Kitchener
Interactive Designer

John Bearden
Interactive Designer

Sam Tuggle
Interactive Developer

Kyle Barnes
Interactive Developer

Joseph Kiser
Technical Supervisor

Todd Harper
Senior CG Artist 

Sungman Pyun
Lighting Artist 

Jude Huddleston
CG Artist 

Teddy Mundy
CG Artist 

John Durbin

David Fulton
Technical Artist 

Joe Olson
FX Artist 

Jackson Armstrong
Motion Designer 

Chris Collins

Skywalker Sound 

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Steve Morris

Director of Engineering

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Mac Smith

Supervising Sound Editor

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Bill Rudolph

Supervising Sound Editor

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The pulsating hum of a lightsaber. The thunderous footsteps of a stalking Tyrannosaurus Rex. The awesome roar of Star-Lord’s Milano. For more than a generation, Skywalker Sound has created soundscapes that have redefined aural immersion. With origins based in Ben Burtt’s landmark work on 1977’s Star Wars, Skywalker Sound specializes in sound design, mixing, and audio post-production across multiple mediums. From the gathering of real-life, organic sounds to developing new techniques in sound presentation, Skywalker Sound remains one of the world’s most innovative facilities — eager to explore, create, and venture into the unknown.

Built By Bender

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Built by Bender is a renowned design-build collective in Dallas, Texas that specializes in conceiving and constructing remarkable physical objects of all kinds. There are few limits to what they can create, create well and create with enthusiasm. From one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, large scale public art & retail pop-up concepts, to entire movie sets – “They’re all our thing”.